Cultural Center

The Cultural Center strives to keep Bethlen Communities' Hungarian heritage alive. Cultural programs are regularly scheduled to both entertain and educate the residents and clients of Bethlen Communities in the rich ethnic cultures that contribute to the American way of life. The programs also include activities and events to which  the larger Ligonier Valley community and its neighbors are invited.

Hungarian Traditions and Holidays Celebrated:

  • Name Days: If you would like to find out when your Name Day is, please contact Timea Szep, Cultural Program Director at 724-238-9139
  • Farsang: The first Hungarian Carnival was celebrated in Ligonier on February 20th at the Darlington Inn where more than 100 people came together and had fun at the traditional event. The Carnival was based on Transylvanian tradition. Farsang continues to be held every year at the Darlington Inn. 
  • King St. Stephen's Day: This festival day is observed on August 17th and celebrates the Pope's recognition of the crowning of St. Stephen as the first Hungarian Christian King.  Following his crowning, Hungary was established as a Christian nation.  
  • The Hungarian Revolution of 1956: The Hungarian Revolution is commemorated on October 23. "There was freedom in the air on October 23, 1956 when Hungarian students began demonstrating against the Communist government...Led by students and workers, the spontaneous Hungarian Revolution began. The Soviets, however, felt that they were losing control in Hungary, so they sent in their tanks and troops. The Freedom Fighters fought hard, but by November 4th, the Hungarians had lost..."
  • St. Nicholas Day: Residents of Bethlen Communities receive St. Nicholas packages in their shoes on December 6 early in the morning. The packages are provided and delivered by the Cultural Center.
  • Hungarian Christmas: The Hungarian Christmas Tree has its own place at Bethlen Communities. You can see it at Bethlen Home, at the Heritage Center, and at Ligonier Gardens. Click here to read more about the Hungarian Christmas.